JCorbin Dramatic Portrait Photography | About
I'm Jeremy Corbin and I'm a Dramatic Portrait Photographer in Denver, Colorado. My goal is to make beautiful, dramatic photos that are different than what you might find elsewhere. Dramatic, environmental, experimental portraits are what I love to shoot. Whether I'm using natural light or light I need to create, I simply love making photos of people and Denver is the perfect place for this type of photography.

Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes the photography needs to step back and let the subject tell the story. Other times, the story needs to be told through every tool available. A simple head shot can tell you quite a bit about someone, but an environmental portrait with that person in Denver or in their own space can really tell you what that person is about. If that means that I have to travel to other locations to make the portrait tell the story I want, perfect.

The best portraits are often those with an element of self-discovery. We often need other people to help bring out a deep piece of our souls to the surface. Being a Denver Photographer allows me to bring those elements in people to the surface as easily as we can look West. I love to do is mix other art forms into my own and create something different. I have a few projects in the back of my head at all times and all of them will be completed piece at a time. My biggest fear is that my work won't be interpreted the way that I want it to be, but they tell me that "art" is often misinterpreted.