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Here are some questions that I get regularly:


1)So how do I book you for a headshot or family session?

I get this one all the time!

  • First we talk about what you need from your pictures and what I can give you.
  • Then, we book a date with the $50 non-refundable retainer applied towards your shoot. If you pay for your entire session up front when we book then you'll get $25 off the session.
  • On the shoot date we'll meet up and have a blast making some beautiful photos!
  • When I have finished processing your photos (usually 7-10 business days) we arrange a time to meet up at my home studio and I show you the photos from the session. This meeting is also when we will create you print and album order. You must order prints or albums during this session to receive your $25 credit towards your order.
  • When you've made your print and album purchase, the photos you have ordered will be placed into an online gallery to share with family.
  • When your prints are done, they'll be shipped to you! Aunt Zenith wants some photos for her wall? Family members can use the website to order whatever prints they would like in whatever quantity they need. Easy Peasy!


2)So how is booking a boudoir session different than booking a headshot session?

Fantastic Question! Boudoir sessions are some of my favorite sessions to do. They're a ton of fun! Plus if you bring your friends along and everyone books a time with me, I'll give a group discount! But first:

  • Call me. A boudoir session should be an amazing and liberating experience with me but I'm not right for everyone. We must chat about what you'd like from the session before we take another step in the process.
  • After we've chatted and we're clicking really well together, You'll send the $500 Non-Refundable Retainer to move forward with the process. This $500 pays for the Make Up Artist, an Assistant, the location, and other vendors that play vital roles in the session.
  • After the retainer has been received, we'll meet up and start putting together the details for the session. We'll pick out colors we love, a style we love, and whether you have every piece of an outfit already or you need some places to find something new, we'll build the session together so it's perfect! This process takes weeks or months to plan!
  • A week before the session, and again 2-3 days before the session, we'll finalize our plan: We'll discuss your outfits, accessories, and any must-have-themes for the session.
  • The day of the shoot, we rock the session!
  • When I have finished processing your photos (usually 14-21 business days) we arrange a time to meet up at my home studio and I show you the photos from the session. This meeting is also when we will create you print and album order. 
  • Your print order will be shipped directly to you, but your album order will come directly to me. I'll inspect the album to ensure it's perfect before shipping it to you!
  • Unlike the Headshot and Family session, your gallery or purchased prints on my website is locked and Your Eyes Only. Nothing will be shared or blogged about unless we discussed it previously during the planning process. I completely respect your privacy and if you wish to remain anonymous on any blog posts, that's perfect!

3)Will you shoot my wedding?

No, probably not. I'm not a wedding photographer. If you have seen my work and are in love with it, by all means: contact me about your wedding needs and we can have a chat about them. I would love to shoot your wedding, but we need to be right for each other! I guarantee that your wedding photos will look like I'm the one that shot them! If Dramatic Lighting with a story to tell sounds good to you, let me know. If I'm not the right person for you I can probably give you some leads to find someone perfect for your special day. 

4)What kinds of packages do you offer?

This is a question that is hard to answer since I try to customize everything, but I will say that I try to have something for everyone. 

5)I need to put together a modeling portfolio. Can you help me?

Yes I can! Whether you need a complete portfolio put together or just need to freshen it up, I can help you out with that. If you need everything from a make up artist to wardrobe ideas, I can help you. Trying to create something new and unique is an awesome challenge for me!


6)My agent told me if I ask nicely that a photographer might shoot me for free... So... Pretty Please?

I get this one a bunch, but unless I'm in the middle of a personal project and you happen to fit what I need I cannot shoot you for free. My wife would beat me with a stick for not paying rent and the kids would miss Christmas and Birthdays. I offer very reasonable rates for the excellent service that I provide. :-)


7)Are you available to travel? I live in another State.

Yes! Of course! Travel options are available.


8)Do you have payment plans?

Yes I do! I require a non-refundable retainer to book your shoot (pays for taxes, vendors, and other icky stuff). Beyond that I can accept payments towards your shoot. Your shoot must be paid in full by the shoot date or other fees may apply. I'm pretty flexible, but email me for details.


9)I've heard that the best photographers and artists use (insert gadget here). Do you use that?

Uh, maybe. But Dali, Rembrandt, Adams, and Penn would be sad to hear that they weren't any good at making art because they didn't have the aforementioned gadget. Vision is much more important than the gear used to create art. {PS- I know only photographers ask this question...Busted! It's okay... ;-)  }


10)I'm not really interested in getting prints (I love my iPad!) so do I have to order prints from you?

This one seems like an easy question, but for me: I prefer prints. I love that nostalgic feeling of looking through my parent's wedding album, photos of when my sisters and I were kids, and gatherings with friends and family. I love that feeling so much that in 2012 I decided to not to let every photo I present to my clients be available in an electronic form. If you buy a particular photo in the form of a print, I will make that file available electronically. If you don't purchase that photo in the form of a print it will not be available any other way until a print is purchased. Why would I do that? Computers crash. Hard drives die. Websites get sold and delete your accounts. Prints are still here and those photo albums of our memories are still sitting on the shelf just begging to be looked through. Call me "Old Fashioned."


11)How long are my session photos available online?

Your online gallery will be available for a very limited time. The gallery serves the purpose of ordering prints and albums during the Purchasing Session. Family may also order prints and albums after you have made your print and album purchase but the web gallery will only be available for a very limited time, so be sure to tell whomever you know would love an album!


12) I really want to book a boudoir session, but I want to lose some weight before I shoot. How far out can I book with you?

You can book your session with me pretty far in advance as long as you have paid your non-refundable retainer.

I realize that looking your best is crucial with a boudoir session and life in general. For this reason, I am also an AdvoCare Distributor because AdvoCare has health products that are second-to-none. I have personally lost 20 lbs using the 24-Day Challenge and kept the weight off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even if you have more than 20 lbs that you would like to lose, I can help you using the tools that AdvoCare provides. Don't let how you look today keep you from booking your session! Contact me for details.

x)Just email me. I'm sure I can answer your question.